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TargetTape is clinically testing functional prototypes based upon their new patent-pending product embodiment in US and Canadian surgeries and is commercializing the device. This is eFund’s first investment, completed in late 2011. eFund 1.

Semios develops a range of proprietary chemical compositions to precision pheromone release and monitoring systems. eFund participated in its seed funding round in late 2011 and in subsequent growth rounds in 2013 and 2014. eFund 1 & 2.

ImStar Therapeutics s working on a new approach to treat patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. E-Fund participated in Imstar’s seed round in 2012 as well in its early 2014 follow-on financing. eFund 1 & 2.

Optigo Networks specializes in innovative connectivity solutions for smart buildings and security around those systems. Optigo enables IoT devices to perform efficiently and dependably so buildings are kept secure and sustainable. eFund invested in May 2014. eFund 1 & 2.

Views IQ is a medical imaging company focusing on biological microscopic applications of pathology slides. This challenging arena is the last frontier in medical digitizing technologies. eFund invested in March, 2015. eFund 1 & 2.

Aspect Bio Systems is a biotechnology company that combines the power of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting to create living, human tissues for medical research, therapeutic discovery and regenerative medicine products. E-Fund invested in August 2016 and July 2017. eFund 2 & 3.

Microdermics is a Vancouver-based company focused on commercializing a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform targeting the multi-billion biopharmaceutical market, disrupting the traditional use of hypodermic-based drug injections. eFund invested in February 2017. eFund 2 & 3.

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Proxxi has developed an industrial wearable that keeps watch over people working near medium and high voltage. It is designed to prevent injury or death by alerting the wearer before they enter the ‘limits of approach’ of a high voltage electrical field. eFund invested in March 2017. eFund 2 & 3.

CuePath Improper medication intake accounts for 25% of seniors hospital admissions and significantly affects their families’ emotional well-being. CuePath solves this problem with remote medication monitoring connected with popular blister packs. eFund invested in August 2017 and July 2020. eFund 2, 3 & 4.

Navigate Surgical develops innovative motion tracking and 3D visualization technology for computer-assisted surgical navigation. The company’s flagship product is Inliant®, a system for real-time surgical navigation which delivers advantages in the areas of usability, workflow and cost for dentists. eFund invested in December 2017. eFund 2 & 3.

Starling Minds is an online mental health platform for large organizations that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve employees’ mental health and productivity while saving costs. eFund invested in February 2018 and June 2019. eFund 2 & 3.

Retreat Guru is a retreat marketing and management platform that connects teachers, students and retreat centers. eFund invested in June 2018. eFund 2 & 3.

Claris Healthcare has developed a care communication platform that is used by healthcare providers to manage patient care at home. eFund invested in August 2018, May 2019 and November 2020.  eFund 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Based in Victoria, VitaminLab provides unique personalized vitamin subscriptions based on individual body chemistry. eFund invested in September 2018 and July 2020.  eFund 3, 4 and 5.

Orbitlesshas developed a low noise, high efficiency gearbox platform for electric geared motor applications from robotics to medical devices through to automotive actuators and powertrains in electric vehicles and windfarms. E-Fund invested in February 2019.  eFund 3 & 4.

Penny AI has developed a SaaS CRM and workflow management solution designed for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) consultants to help them manage and grow their business. eFund invested in March 2019. eFund 3 & 4.

Mesentech is a life science company that has developed a novel bone-conjugate that can deliver medicines to the bone. Its first drug candidate, C3, reverses bone loss. eFund invested in May 2019. eFund 3 & 4.

Cuboh integrates online ordering and delivery applications enabling restaurants to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The company targets restaurants in metropolitan areas in both the US and Canada. eFund invested in June 2019. eFund 3 & 4.

Interpodia develops, implements and manages a modular sport technology platform for sporting federations, sporting events and membership organizations. Interpodia allows organizations to improve participant experience, reduce administration, boost engagement and increase regulatory compliance. eFund invested in June 2019 and June 2020. eFund 3 & 4.

VINN is Canada’s first automotive e-commerce marketplace, listing local dealership inventory and allowing customers to purchase new and used cars online. VINN also provides lead generation services to dealers, concierge service to customers and website e-commerce capabilities for dealers’ websites. eFund invested in October 2019 and October 2020. eFund 4 and 5.

Sonic Incytes has patented a portable, in-office medical device that can be used as a screening and diagnostic tool for determining fibrosis and steatosis, initially targeting the liver. eFund invested in December 2019. eFund 4 and 5.

Ibbaka offers professional services based on proprietary software and SaaS solutions to large corporate clients. Ibbaka enables customers to understand opportunities for delivering and capturing differentiated value (Market Insights) and build the human capabilities to deliver those insights (People Insights). eFund invested in January 2020. eFund 4.

MazumaGo has launched a unique platform to digitally transfer high-value transactions. MazumaGo works with large financial institutions to build a state-of-the-art payment software that innovates payment processing for businesses of any size. eFund invested in May 2020. eFund 4.

Arbutus Medical is developing a portfolio of unique hardware surgical devices that save costs in hospitals and improve access to orthopaedic surgery globally. eFund invested in July 2020. eFund 4 and 5.

BarrelWise is a Vancouver-based company developing both hardware and software technology aimed at improving wine production and providing data collection and analysis capabilities. eFund invested in September 2020. eFund 4.

Lucent has developed and is now commercializing innovative micronutrient delivery technologies that enable growers to achieve higher yields and more nutritious and better tasting foods. eFund 4 and 5.

LetHub is an intelligent leasing automation platform for property managers powered by Artificial Intelligence. eFund 4 and 5.

HTuO Biosciences was founded in Vancouver, Canada in September 2020, based on a novel molecular model designed to significantly improve the accuracy of inter-molecular predictions. HTuO’s goal is to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry by changing the way small molecules are designed and optimized. eFund 4 and 5.

Solaires is a cleantech company that aims to develop and market the next generation of solar cells by substituting silicon with perovskite, a material that is highly effective at converting photons of light from the sun into usable electricity. eFund 5.

VoxCell is focused on the printing of organic tissue which includes both cells and the extracellular components which comprise the environment in which these cells grow. It is addressing existing 3D bioprinting technology which is not capable of developing human-like models with high resolution and meaningful vasculature. eFund 5.

Agility is a fintech company that offers 24/7 automated international payments and currency transfers to individuals and SMEs. The Agility payments platform prices, executes, and hedges customer transactions from live, real time interbank rates 24 hours a day; seamlessly and transparently. eFund 5.

Care2Talk has developed an iOS/Android App that uses a specially designed interface on a mobile or tablet device to create an easy-to-use video chat tool for those with cognitive decline, or other impairments, which may make alternatives difficult to navigate. eFund 5.

Total Flow is an emerging medical device company that is developing a novel, specialized medical device that prevents injury to patients who require the use of a femoral artery cannula. eFund 5.

Frontly is a no-code SaaS solution for building front-end web applications. Frontly launches an entirely new web app in minutes by connecting your custom API to industry standard no-code templates. eFund 5.

Zennea is developing its patented ZENS technology which focuses on mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The company provides a treatment to the patient using the ZENS and remote monitoring tools to both the patient and physicians. eFund 5.


Redlen Technologies manufactures Cadmium Zinc Telluride based semiconductor materials that have unique radiation detection properties. eFund participated with Pangaea Ventures in Redlen’s 2014 $5.4 million Preferred A financing round in January 2014, the Preferred B round in 2019 and the Preferred C round in 2021. Redlen was acquired in October 2021 by Canon of Japan in a deal valued at US$335m eFund 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Mazza Innovation was acquired by Sensient Technologies (NYSE: SXT) in July 2018. Mazza commercialized the world’s first phytochemical extraction technology, producing high value extracts from plants, using sustainable, high performance and cost effective science. E-Fund invested in Mazza in early 2014. eFund 1 & 2.

BitLit Media was acquired by Rakuten Kobo Inc. in April 2017. BitLit launched an app called ‘Shelfie’ that allows people to get e-book versions of physical books in their library via patented technology and alliances with most major North American publishers  eFund 1 & 2.

BlueBat Games was acquired in February 2015 by Greentube of London, UK., a leading developer and provider for internet, mobile, PC and iTV and their parent company, the Novomatic Group. BlueBat games developed a social gamification engine used by casinos and social gambling game developers and related software. eFund 1.

Solegear Bioplastics went public in January 2015 and was renamed Good Natured Products Inc. in 2017. Solegear designs, develops, manufactures and distributes non-toxic, bio-based and compostable bioplastic products. These products are used in premium packaging of high value consumables. eFund 1.