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What Our Investors Say

E-Fund is a great way to learn the “how-to” of Angel investing in a collegial environment and at – relatively! – low risk. – Dr. Ian Gardiner, Thoracic Radiologist


“E-Fund offers an opportunity for me to help young entrepreneurs grow and develop new businesses. I get to invest in these projects while helping them along their journey.” – Phil Mundy, CEO and Owner of multiple medical supply companies.


“E-Fund is a great way to make Angel Investments in local companies. They provide an opportunity to meet some of Vancouver’s best young entrepreneurs and seasoned Angel investors, and learn and give back to both by contributing to due diligence and post-investment management.” – Frank Leffelaar, Owner of Crush Marketing


What Our Investees Say

“My advice to any entrepreneur considering outside investment is to find an individual who really believes in your company and have them act as your ‘champion’ and lead investor.”

“Find a mentor or advisor who has been in your shoes to walk through the due diligence process with you. Network as much as you can, and pitch at VANTEC. You never know who might be listening.”

Lisa Fraser, CEO of Wearable Therapeutics.


“Due diligence is a thorough process, and it was without a doubt a learning experience. The assigned E-Fund team got to know me quite well and provided an incredible level of mentorship. If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that there’s a lot you don’t realize you don’t know until you meet someone who does.”

“Since receiving an investment through E-Fund, our investors check in regularly with me, and I send quarterly reports using the platform. When I really need a second opinion, I’ll contact them. I’ve valued their advice and support since the beginning, and now I try to be especially deliberate with my time and resources.”

Herman Lo, CEO of ViewsIQ