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Thealzel Lee, President & Director

Thealzel is an entrepreneur, angel investor, founder, president and director of the E-Fund Angel Investment Fund, and she co-manages the VANTEC Angel Network and the Vancouver chapter of the Keiretsu Forum. Thealzel is a senior partner with management consulting firm Rocket Builders, where she provides advice on marketing strategy and commercialization.



Pieter Dorsman, CFO and Director

Pieter runs his own consulting firm Redpeaks Management Inc. through which he advises early stage technology companies and takes on interim management roles. He is a co-founder of several local companies serves on a number of boards. Previously, Pieter held senior positions in corporate finance at UBS and Barclays Bank.



George-Web-01 George Aliphtiras, Director

George is a senior executive with specialization in commercialization of medical technology in North America, Europe and Asia. He has over 10 years of experience in early stage company development from inception through fundraising and commercial validation, in various roles including: Board Member, CEO, Co-founder, VP of Business Development, Operations and Product Development




Investment Team

Our investment team is actively involved in the local start-up community. We support many of the organizations that help early stage investors get off the ground, and we are members of multiple investment groups.  We are often involved as advisors or board members for companies we have invested in.

We are stronger and wiser as a team, and we enjoy the opportunity to learn, share knowledge and work with our co-investors and the companies that we invest in. At the same time, we fulfill an important community role by giving back and helping to nurture and grow the next generation of entrepreneurs and create employment opportunity and innovation in British Columbia.

Our group of over 100+ angel investors boasts a wide range of experience, skill and success; by applying the collective talent to due diligence and post investment mentoring, our portfolio company success is greatly increased.

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Our investees are critical to the success and performance of E-Fund. We are there for them when they want advice, an opinion or any other to help. As part of our post-investment management we regularly meet with the CEO’s of the companies we invested in, and we share their progress with our investors.

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Deal Syndication Partners

The due diligence that E-Fund team members do also benefits individual angel investors and other angel groups who want to co-invest or side car on a deal. This way we reduce everyone’s investment risk, increase funds raised, and create a bigger pool for follow-on investment.