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We invite you to join our angel investing team.  Every investor is invited to workshops that are held throughout the year. You will also receive invitations and preferential pricing to workshops organized by the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO). If you choose to become an active investor you may also be paired with a mentor.

In our E-Fund Orientation Session you will get an overview of how we work in teams to source, screen, do due diligence and post investment management.

In our Investment Management Seminar we take you through the tools that we use to find the best investment opportunities for E-Fund’s, and we’ll talk about post investment management and supporting our portfolio companies in their growth path.

Best Practices Research

The Impact of Due Diligence on Angel Investment Returns

Time spent on due diligence translates in better investment outcomes*.

Investors who spent more than 40 hours saw a 7.1 multiple, 20 hours a 5.9x and less than 20 hours a 1.1x.



The Impact of Industry Expertise on Angel Investment Returns

High industry expertise in the area of the invested venture delivered twice the returns*.


The Impact of Post Investment Participation

A higher interaction with portfolio companies delivers a higher exit of 3.7X over a lower interaction of a couple of times per year delivered 1.3X in 3.6 years*.


*Source: Returns to Angel Investors in Groups, Wiltbank and Boeker, November 2007

Recommended Reading

Angel investing continues to evolve. Here are some of the reading that inspired and taught us a thing or two.