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eFund Angel Investment Team Meeting

Join our Angel Investment Team meeting and mixer. Connect with other eFund investors, learn how we operate and participate in deal screening, due diligence and post investment management.

Meet with our investment team members and see which companies we are looking at for a potential investment.

This is a private meeting of eFund investors and their invited guests. If you want to learn more about how you can invest and join our team please email at and take a look at our website to see our portfolio and how we invest.



4.00 PM Growing the eFund Portfolio (shareholders and their guests)

The investment team reviews the deal funnel; due diligence in progress, new deals to look at, upcoming investor meetings to screen deals, post investment management updates.

4.30 PM eFund Overview and Insights (shareholders and their guests)

eFund Overview:  An overview of how we run eFund, from deal screening to due diligence, post investment management, and how you can get actively involved.

Insights: How does due diligence by teams work?  Each meeting we will feature ~15 minute educational sessions and Q&A from fellow eFund’rs on topics related to investing excellence.  If we all strive to be better investors, we will achieve better ROI on our investments!

Newly minted eFund’r Raymond To has been active in providing strategic recruitment and HR advisory services for our local startup ecosystem for decades.  Raymond will lead a discussion on Building an Effective Management Team – From Startup to Exit:

  • “I am ready to sign a cheque, but have I done HR due diligence?”
  • How should I assess the current team?
  • Is hiring no one an option?
  • Scaling up – is it a Hare or Tortoise race?

5:00 PM Continue Conversations over “Drinks & Bites” 

Normally, we continue our conversations over drinks and a bite across the road; but these are not “normal” times due to the ongoing pandemic.  Instead, we will try to re-create this experience online so we can have our conversations to learn more about each other.  All welcome.

Venue [Remote]: Details shared via email.

We look forward to seeing you online.

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02/24/2022 04:00 PM
02/24/2022 05:30 PM

eFund Angel Investment Team Meeting
Join us for the eFund Angel Investment Team Meeting
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